Lightweight absolute angle encoders

LENZ Encoders are non-contact bearingless absolute angle encoders. Two circuit board design is perfect to match wide variety of control and measurements applications. Precise position data up to 22 bits and reliable fast feedback in harsh environments.

LENZ encoders are inductive position sensors based on the physical principles of electromagnetic induction. Our encoders combine easy installation, low integration cost, high accuracy, stability over time, are extremely robust. Manufacturing facility is located in Russian Federation.


LENZ Encoders makes several of our products available for free sample. Submit free encoder sample request for IRS-I50U1S1-15-5B3 and you get:

  • Miniature two-PCB absolute angle encoder
  • Stator outer dimension — 50 mm
  • Industrial modular design for perfect match your application
  • Resolution — 15 bits
  • Simple installation
  • Max operating speed for reliable angle data — 60000 rpm
  • BiSS® C interface


For limited-time and quantity.

17 bit ENCODER in 34 mm

Ultra-lightweight 34 mm only absolute angle encoder, contained in two printed circuit boards. Encoder provides up to 17 bits of robust position data with max operation speed 10000 rpm. The mounting of the encoders is very easy in any design.


off you get for quantity


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