IRS-I70 Modular Absolute Angle Encoders



IRS-I70 Modular Absolute Angle Encoders


  • Low-cost angle encoder
  • Robust ultra-lightweight design
  • True absolute
  • Resolution: 18 bits
  • Size 70 mm
  • Non-contact and bearingless
  • High operating speed for angle measurements
  • BiSS® C interface
  • Modular solution for perfectly matching in your application
  • Simple installation
Quantity Price
1–9 19200
10–99 16200
100–999 8100






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LENZ™  IRS-I70 is ultra-lightweight absolute angle encoder, consisting of only two printed circuit boards. These absolute angle encoders are perfect for embedding in your application.

LENZ encoders are inductive position sensors based on the physical principles of electromagnetic induction. Our encoders combine easy installation, low integration cost, high accuracy, stability over time, are extremely robust.

LENZ encoders are insensitive to electromagnetic fields, permanent magnets, power lines, parasitic capacitance, metallic parts and electrical noises.

Encoder support additional functions:

  • Setting zero position
  • Setting the direction of rotation
  • Filtering customization
  • Running self-calibration function
  • External isolated temperature sensor

Can be implemented on demand:

  • Energy independent multiturn counter option
  • BiSS® Line interface
  • Interfaces SSI, CAN, Modbus
  • A custom OEM design

Additional information



Current Consumption

0.11 A

Outer Dimension

70 mm




Max. Operating Speed

15 000 rpm

Supply Voltage

4.6…12 V